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One of the biggest challenges for people with ADD/ADHD is organization. It's really hard to:

  • Keep things filed and organized
  • To find what you need for the project you are working on
  • To remember where you left your keys--and credit card.......and wallet
  • To get anywhere on time--feels like you will probably be late even for your own funeral
  • To remember when all the soccer practices are scheduled
  • Time just seems to fly right by when you are working on something.

These will be challeges for you or your child your whole life.

There is good news, however. You can learn a lot of "tricks" to help you be more organized, keep up with your things, and get places on time.

I have picked out some tools that I know are useful to many people with ADD and ADHD. Actually, they are very useful for anyone.


Kitchen Timer--An ordinary little kitchen timer with an alarm can help you when you are starting on a project, so that time doesn't just fly by so quickly.


Invisible Clock--This is a much more sophisticated version of the old "kitchen timer". You can carry it on your belt or set in front of you when you are working on a project. It has 12 built in alarms to help keep you on time. If you are running a meeting, you can set one to go off half way thru the meeting, another at 5 minutes before the end, and another at the very end. The possibilities are endless. It can save you life..........The Invisible Clock


Daily Planner--A Weekly-type planner is indispensible to keep your appointments, meetings, phone numbers of people you need to call that week, etc.


The Delta Planner--A much improved version of the Daily Planner. Formulated especially for people with ADD, it is an awesome way to help yourself stay organized. It's easy to use and I highly recommend it. I have used it myself for a number of months and find it indispensible..............The Delta Planner


Taming the Paper Tiger--A great book by Barbara Hemphill for setting up a work center, organizing your computer, dealing with bills and taxes, keeping track of "paper"--the paper tiger. It seems like more and more we are totally overrun by paper. It is getting worse with each passing year............ Tamingthepapertiger


File...Don't Pile!--Another great book. This one is by Pat Dorff. It offers a proven Filing System for Personal and Professional Use. It, too, helps you deal with the mountains of paper which "assault" you every day........FileDontPile


Easy Child Parenting Software-- Includes Chore and Reward Charts, Behavior Monitors, and a Child Money Manager....... EasyChildSoftware


OptiMINDzation--This is not actually an organizational tool per se. This is a process called brainwave entrainment. Many people have said that it helps sharpen mental focus, attention, and concentration, enhance thinking speed and clarity, improve recall, increase mental energy and alertness..............More

If you have any comments of ideas of things that would really help you, email me at:


I want to help you "be the best person you can be"


Dr. Jerry Is Online

Jerry Rodgers, M.D.




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