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This list of famous people with ADD or Learning Disability has been compiled over the years from various lectures, books, websites and individual communication. Some of these famous people on the list have never had a formal diagnosis. However, from observing them in action, and/or reviewing writings by them and about them, they meet the criteria for ADD or Learning Disability.

I believe very strongly that having ADD or ADHD or a Learning Disability should NEVER hold you back from accomplishing anything that you really want.

Let this list be an inspiration to you:

Albert Einstein

Wolfgang A. Mozart

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Louis Pasteur

Alexander Graham Bell


Hans Christian Anderson

Ernest Hemmingway

Henry Ford


Wright Brothers

Benjamin Franklin

Winston Churchill

Thomas Jefferson

Leonardo Da Vinci

Thomas Edison

George Bernard Shaw

Woodrow WilsonThomas Thoreau

Werner Von Braun

George C. Scott

Eddie Rickenbacker

General Westmoreland

Nelson Rockefeller

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Charles Schwab

Robert Kennedy

John F. Kennedy

Sylvester Stallone

Prince Charles

Harry Belafonte

Mariel Hemingway

Steve McQueen

Tom Smothers

Suzanne Somers

Lindsay Wagner

Kirk Douglas

Michael Jordan

John Denver


Carl Lewis

Jackie Stewart

John Corcoran

"Magic" Johnson

Luci Baines Johnson Nugent

Robin Williams

Jason Kidd

Pete Rose

Dustin Hoffman

Whoopi Goldberg


Agatha Christie


General George Patton

Bruce Jenner

Greg Louganis

John Lennon

Walt Disney

Tom Cruise

Henry Winkler

Danny Glover

Jules Verne

Steven Spielberg

Pablo Picasso

Jonathan Winters

Elvis Presley

George Burns

William J. Clinton

Tommy Lee

Jimi Hendrix

Stevie Wonder

Will Smith

Jim Carey

Ozzy Osborne

Babe Ruth

Andrew Carnegie

Salvador Dali

Bill Cosby

David Letterman



So you see that this is quite a list of famous people with ADHD and/or LD. It certainly didn't seem to slow these successful, famous ADHD'ers.





I want to help you "be the best person you can be"


Dr. Jerry Is Online

Jerry Rodgers, M.D.


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