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Ten Years of Building Confidence One Child at a Time

From humble beginnings ten years ago, The Learning Camp is one of the first-few summer camps developed specifically for kids with learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and other challenges. We have dedicated ourselves to providing adventurous summer camp fun for boys and girls ages 7 - 14 combined with carefully designed academic programs. With only one location tucked in the Vail Valley of Colorado we are able to focus on our singular mission; helping kids with learning disabilities build self-esteem and independence.

Four things make The Learning Camp unique

    1. The camp was started ten years ago by a determined mother of a child diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.

    2. We have only one camp location on 35 acres in the Rocky Mountains, minutes from Eagle Vail airport.

    3. We molded a summer camp program around learning disabilities not the other way around.

    4. Our staff are all professional adults. No High School or College students. 3:1 Ratio

Your child will benefit from receiving academic tutoring over the summer while gaining self-esteem and confidence through summer camp adventures in a safe environment among peers and professionals. But the real benefit will be yours when you see your child's face at the end of their session .

The Learning Camp
PO Box 1146
Vail, Colorado 81658



Frontier Travel Camp : www.frontiertravelcamp.com

Camp Type: Travel
Location:   Miami Shores, Florida, USA
Phone: 305-895-1123 Toll-Free: 866-750-CAMP

Summer travel program for those with special needs. With quality staff and accommodations, Frontier travels throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. ..



Success Oriented Achievement Realized (SOAR) features success oriented, high adventure programs for LD, ADHD and ADD young men and women.

PO Box 388 * Balsam, NC 28707-0388
Phone: 828.456.3435 * Fax: 828.456.3449

ADHD Summer Camp - AD/HD Summer Camp - LD Adventure Summer Camp

 SOAR believes all individuals identified with learning disabilities (LD) and attention deficit disorders (ADD, ADHD, AD/HD) possess inherent talents, abilities, and gifts, which we harness during our summer camps, fall and spring weekends, winter break program and semester courses. The SOAR model is founded on two fundamental principles. The first principle is youth with LD and ADHD flourish when they are encouraged to focus on their strengths in an experiential setting, such as summer camp and outdoor adventure activities. The second principle is that youth with LD and ADHD must develop and utilize strategies that enable them to deal with the challenges associated with LD and ADHD.

  Students participating in SOAR's summer camps, weekend, winter break and semester courses take part in adventure experiences as diverse as camping, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, SCUBA diving, sea kayaking, and horseback riding.  These activities provide the venue for developing problem-solving skills; effective communication strategies; increased self-awareness and general social skills. By achieving this success at SOAR, each student builds essential self-esteem and self-confidence that translates into all walks of life.  Even though SOAR serves youth with LD and ADHD exclusively, our students do not view SOAR as a LD or ADD summer camp or an LD or ADHD adventure program.  As a matter of fact, our students will probably not hear the terms learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder or the acronyms, LD or ADHD, during their SOAR experience. SOAR moves past the labels and focuses on strategies for dealing with the challenges associated with LD and AD/HD .  Likewise, SOAR focuses on the gifts and abilities of each youth - strengths that will launch them into a life filled with opportunity and success.

ADD Summer Camp - Adventure Summer Camp ADHD

SOAR Camps--828-456-3435 email: admissions@soarnc.org



18 East 41st Street, Suite 402
New York, NY 10017
(800) 323-9908
(212) 689-3880
or E-mail us at: summitcamp@aol.com

Camping for boys and girls with attention, social, or learning issues at Honesdale, Pennsylvania



Summit Camp is in its 4th decade serving special needs boys and girls ages 8 to 17. Although our children come to us with any number of diagnoses they all share in their difficulty making and maintaining age appropriate peer relationships Clinical diagnoses may include: Verbal or Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, A.D.D./A.D.H.D., Asperger's Syndrome, mild Pervasive Developmental Delays, Tourettes Syndrome, O.C.D. and mild Mood Disorders. .

Our children may have experienced academic, emotional and social frustration attempting to achieve within a traditional school setting. Although the child's intellectual potential may reside at, or even far above, the average (the majority of our campers are in mainstream educational settings), the child's academic performance may be below expected levels or highly erratic because of inattention, disorganization, distractibility and/or social immaturity. The child's experience in a traditional classroom setting may have been both frustrating and emotionally damaging.

Our child has had difficulty in establishing meaningful and mutually rewarding relationships with other children. While often performing beautifully on a one-to -one basis with sympathetic adults, our camper often alienates, antagonizes, or isolates himself/herself from peers. Whether due to impulsivity, an inability to read social cues, language processing difficulties, hyperactivity, or a lack of awareness of the needs of others, our camper often responds inappropriately to the social attitudes and expectations of his or her peers. As no disability is indicated by the child's appearance, other children (and adults) often expect and demand social behavior on a level beyond the child's capability.

The child we serve has been the recipient of love and attention within his home. Even within the warmth of a family setting, however, the child may have difficulty in coping with the demands placed upon him/her, or with the quite natural tendency of the family to be overprotective, or with siblings who cannot understand the atypical behaviors or the child's seeming "preferential treatment" by the parent.

Our campers need personal as well as interpersonal success, and Summit Camp provides it!!



This is a great directory site for many summer camps--about anything you could ever want to know about summer camps.

Visit their website: www.mysummercamps.com.

If you have any comments of ideas of things that would really help you, email me at:


I want to help you "be the best person you can be"


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